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Finnish Classes

Personal pronouns Personal pronouns show what person it is that is the subject of a sentence. Finnish English Remarks minä I sinä you Singular, informal hän he / she Finnish has no grammatical gender, so both "he" and "she" are "hän". se it Se is used for things and animals, but in coloquial Finnish also [...]

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Finnish Verbs

  Finnish Verb types: How to use them Types of Finnish Verbs and usages There are six verb types in Finnish. It’s important to know which verb type a verb belongs to, because every verb type has its own rules when you [...]

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Finnish For Survival

Survival Phrases in Finnish Learn Finnish: Use of Everyday Greetings in Finnish Language Tervehdykset <> Greetings  Pronominit <> Pronouns Verbi "olla" <> The Verb "to be/to have" Perusverbit <> Basic Verbs Numerot <> Numbers Perusluvut <> Cardinal numbers Järjestysluvut <> Ordinal numbers Aika <> Time Milloin? <> When? [...]

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