Learn Norwegian at the best Foreign language Training institute in Coimbatore for intensive Norwegian Language courses.


Learn Norwegian at  best Foreign language Training institute in Coimbatore

Learn Norwegian at  best Foreign language Training institute in Coimbatore.The Norwegian language course is, in effect,  suitable for engineers and students visiting Norway or Scandinavian countries .

Our Plus Points                                                        

The Intensive Norwegian Language learning programme in our institute has the following features:

  • Follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • Individualized Training.
  • Structured Materials.
  • Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation.

The course of  Norwegian language follows a structured method of teaching .The participants are enabled to learn to read, write and speak Norwegian  in a very short span of time.

In addition, as part of the Norwegian Speaking Course regular sessions for improving the communication skills of the participants are conducted.

The ‘How to speak Norwegian’ component of the language course  consists of regular sessions for developing very good speaking skills in Norwegian. The audio-visual Norwegian lessons, as a matter of fact,  help in  fine-tuning  the  pronunciation and accent of the participants.

Norwegian crash course

The learning content in the “How to learn Norwegian” Crash Course is designed,by the way, to make learners who do not know any Norwegian language fluent speakers. At the end of the course the learner are able  to read, write, understand and speak Norwegian very well.


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