IELTS Classroom:Academic Reading Sample Answer 1

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IELTS Reading Sample 1 Answers:

  1. Paragraph B______ii
  2. Paragraph C______viii
  3. Paragraph D______xi
  4. Paragraph E______xiii
  5. Paragraph F______vi
  6. Paragraph G______i
  7. Paragraph H______ix
  8. Paragraph I______iv
  9. In the first case of air rage, one of the reasons the man was not punished was because the plane was not registered. F (Para. A: The plane was registered, but it was not clear where is was registered)
  10. The statistics on air rage were collected by private monitoring groups. NG (Para. B: It doesn’t say who collected them)
  11. The second most common catalyst for incidents is problems with seating. T (Para. D: This is given in the table)
  12. The environment in a plane makes disagreements more likely to become serious problems.T (Para F: The ‘physical environment’ makes things worse)
  13. Airlines have been encouraging passengers to bring more items onboard as carry-on luggage. NG (It doesn’t mention this)
  14. There have been no attempts to ban passengers with a history of air rage. F (Para. I: They have tried to ban passengers who have been involved in air rage before)

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