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Learn Languages at best Foreign Language Centre in Coimbatore. Lingua World is a Coimbatore based Foreign Language Institute. We aim to provide success oriented language courses for German LanguageFrench language, SpanishItalianJapaneseChinese etc.  Dear Learners, Want to a foreign languageHaving only a limited time ? Do you have an  erratic work schedule? Do you have specific learning needs? Lingua World is the right place for you. Enroll  for  language classes for Smart and Quick Learning Learn Languages at best Foreign Language Centre in Coimbatore Located in the heart of the city Lingua World  is the one point solution for all your language needs We provide language classes to students and professionals in and around Coimbatore .

German Language-Start Deutsch           Modal Speaking Exam 1.              Spreschen Test 2

Learn Languages at best Foreign Language Centre in Coimbatore

The French A1, A2 and DELF Exams.

French Language Classes and French Coaching Classes for Spoken French and DELF Exam.

Spanish  DELE Exam

The Spanish Courses. Level A1 – Diplomas de Español DELE

Japanese  (JLPT) Exam

The Japanese JLPT courses (N5, N4).

Italian Language Courses

Learn Languages at best Foreign Language Centre in Coimbatore We also conduct language classes  for Certificate and Diploma Courses in French, A1 German A2 German Exams and IELTS. Lingua World also offers language classes for SpanishPortugueseRussianItalianJapaneseSwedish, ChineseNorwegianArabicJapaneseFinnishDanish, English and Training for IELTS and Hindi.

Learn Languages at best Foreign Language Centre in Coimbatore.The study materials for the classes are really very good 

Kids-based Language Classes for Children:

We have ,by the way, separate training programme for kids for instilling in them the taste for languages. Learn Languages at best Foreign Language Centre in Coimbatore.  Individual training, good learning materials, multimedia teaching and a very good language learning  atmosphere, in essence, make it really a good place to learn any language. Multimedia teaching, by the way, provides extra edge. As a matter of fact, the teaching process is contemporary. You have, in effect,  an opportunity to learn many languages at a single place.
Learn Languages at best Foreign Language Centre in Coimbatore.
There are also special language classes for Kids, We prepare students for German A1, A2 and other Goethe Exam Learn Languages at best Foreign Language Centre in Coimbatore Call us now at:09786663332. Learn Languages at best Foreign L

IELTS Classroom:Academic Reading Sample Answer 1

IELTS General

IELTS Reading Sample 1 Answers:

  1. Paragraph B______ii
  2. Paragraph C______viii
  3. Paragraph D______xi
  4. Paragraph E______xiii
  5. Paragraph F______vi
  6. Paragraph G______i
  7. Paragraph H______ix
  8. Paragraph I______iv
  9. In the first case of air rage, one of the reasons the man was not punished was because the plane was not registered. F (Para. A: The plane was registered, but it was not clear where is was registered)
  10. The statistics on air rage were collected by private monitoring groups. NG (Para. B: It doesn’t say who collected them)
  11. The second most common catalyst for incidents is problems with seating. T (Para. D: This is given in the table)
  12. The environment in a plane makes disagreements more likely to become serious problems.T (Para F: The ‘physical environment’ makes things worse)
  13. Airlines have been encouraging passengers to bring more items onboard as carry-on luggage. NG (It doesn’t mention this)
  14. There have been no attempts to ban passengers with a history of air rage. F (Para. I: They have tried to ban passengers who have been involved in air rage before)

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