Dutch for Beginners: Basic Vocabulary

Basic Vocabulary

The following words are indispensable if you want to understand Dutch. They are “building blocks” that are used over and again!
Belangrijke woorden Important words
Een A Indefinite article, singular (as in English, no article is used for the plural indefinite form). E.g., “een kind” = “a child”; “kinderen” = “children”.
Het The Definite article, singular; used with a limited group of nouns. E.g., “het kind” = “the child”.
De The Definite article, used for the singular form of all other nouns, as well as the plural form of all nouns that can have an article. E.g., het kind, but “de kinderen” = “the children”.
En And
Of Or
Omdat Because
Ondanks In spite of
Daarom Therefore
Alle, allemaal All
Elke Every
Iedereen Everyone
Wie? Who?
Wat? What?
Waar? Where?
Waarom? Why?
Hoe? How?
Ik I
Jij You
U You (polite form, singular or plural)
Hij He
Zij (1) She
Wij We
Jullie You (plural)
Zij (2) They
Mijn My
Jouw Your
Uw Your (polite form, singular or plural)
Zijn His
Haar Her
Ons Our
Jullie Your (plural)
Hun Their
Omhoog Up
Omlaag Down
Links Left
Rechts Right
Binnen Inside
Buiten Outside
Voor (1) In front of
Achter Behind
Naast Next to
Bij Near
Naar Towards
Vanaf Away from; or: Starting at
Eerste First
Laatste Last
Voor (2), or: Voordat Before
Na, or: Nadat After
Veel Much; many
Weinig Little; few
Meer More
Minder Less
Meest Most
Minst Least
Met With
Zonder Without

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