Italian Possessive pronouns

Personal Possessive Adjective and Pronouns in Italian This chart covers basic personal possessive adjectives and pronouns 

Italian Personal Possessive Adjectives/Pronouns
English Italian Singular/Masculine Italian Singular/Feminine Italian Plural/Masculine Italian Plural/Feminine
Mine Yours His/Hers Ours Yours Theirs il mio il tuo il suo il nostro il vostro il loro la mia la tua la sua la nostra la vostra la loro i miei i tuoi i suoi i nostri i vostri i loro le mie le tue le sue le nostre le vostre le loro

Two things two note about the Italain personal possessive adjective;  1) The are proceeded by whatever definite article the noun possessed requires. (except when referring to family) 2) The must agree in gender and number with the noun they possess. See below; il mio motorino Р(my scooter) la mia motocicletta Р(my motorcycle) i miei motorini Р(my scooters) le mie motociclette Р(my motorcycles) To make the above possessive adjectives into possessive pronouns, simply omit the noun, example; il mio Р(my scooter) la mia Р(my motorcycle) i miei Р(my scooters) le mie Р(my motorcycles) Of course, you need the proper context in your conversation to use them as pronouns or your listener may lack any meaningful understanding of what you are saying.]]>

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