German A1 Training

German Language Courses with special focus on Goethe Start Deutsch Exams  in Lingua World.

Preparation for A1 Level German Goethe Examination

In the A1 Level German Exam training, the Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening skills of  communication in German are taught to the participants in an interactive way from the beginning of the sessions. A sound vocabulary in German is needed for the students  to read , write , understand and speak in the language. Regular sessions for improving the vocabulary are conducted. Our multimedia classes help the participants to learn German as fast as possible. DSC_0041  

Learn to Speak (Sprechen)

Regular interactive sessions are held to improve the speaking skills of the participants enabling them to perform very well in the Goethe Exams (Sprechen). We follow the Goethe Exam modules. As a result the participants outshine others at the time of the Goethe exams. Writing ( Schreiben) Skills are inculcated in a structured way by providing activities and regular tasks which enhance the writing skills of the candidates. This contributes to an excellent performance in the Writing (Schreiben) Test. Reading (Lesen) For developing reading skills structured learning materials are used. The German short-story format is used to encourage reading habits among the  participants. This practice promotes the reading habits among the participants. As a result the candidates are able to perform well in the Reading (Lesen) Test. Listening (Hoeren)DSC_0045 Special sessions on German Pronunciation  develop the listening skill among the students. Such sessions are conducted on a regular basis. Hence, the students are able to familiarise themselves with the German sound system. This practice makes for  very good performance in the Listening (Hoeren)Test of the Goethe Exams.  ]]>

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