Norwegian Classroom: Basic Adjectives

Norwegian Language Learning

Basic Adjectives .

Here is a vocabulary containing some important adjectives:

good god / bra
bad dårlig
big stor
small liten
nice fin
ugly stygg
Note that even god gets the -t ending in neuter gender, although godt might look stupid to you. There are of course some exceptions from the adjective rules:  
  • Bra always has the same form (oh yeah, true, a funny word for English speakers).
  • Adjectives ending with -lig do not get the -t suffix. The same rule is for some other words, like glad (happy) and all adjectives ending with -e.
  • Adjectives ending with two equal consonants lose one of them when they get the -t suffix (styggstygt).
  • Adjectives ending with a vowel do not get -e suffix, and get -tt instead of the normal -t suffix.
  • The adjective liten is conjugated like this:



    Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
    liten (m), lita (f), lite (n) lille små små
    The colors
    Here are the names of some of the colors in Norwegian:









    The colors are also adjectives, so when you describe a noun with a color, you must remember the suffixes. For example:

    Et rødt hus = A red house Grønne baller = Green balls
    Oransje and lilla are exceptions, and do never get any suffix. Remember that b ends with a vowel, and therefore doesn’t take the -e suffix, and that its t-form is blått. Perhaps someday you’ll hear this on a football game in Norway: “Vi er røde, hvite, blå…” (We are red, white, blue…)

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