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In this Hindi Lesson,you’ll learn
Something about “Be verbs” in Hindi Be verbs show state of being. I am happy. You are so sleepy.He is a dog. She is beautiful.Her husband was bald.You were so nice to me. All  italicized words in the above sentences are “Be verbs” in English.A careful observation will show that each pronoun has a fixed “be verb” associated with it. “I” comes with “am” “You” is associated to “are” This is called subject-verb agreement. The verb has to agree with the subject present in the sentence.  The subject -verb agreement exist in all the languages and Hindi is no exception. Hindi be verbs also agree with the subject pronoun present in the sentence. The different kind of Hindi pronouns have already been covered earlier. In this lesson, we shall study the Hindi “be verbs” associated with those pronouns.
First person pronoun:
मैं president हूँ |(main president hoon) I am the President.
मैं president था |(main president thaa) I was the President.(M)
मैं president थी |(main president thee) I was the President.(F)
Second person pronoun:
तुम president हो|(tum president ho)आप president हो | (aap president ho) You are the President.
Male:तुम president थे |(tum president the)Female:तुम president थी | (tum president thee) आप president थे| (aap president the) You were the President.
  Third person pronouns:
ओबामा president है |(obama president hai ) Obama is the President.
बुश president था /थे |(bush president thaa/the) Bush was the President.
 मैं ___हूँ   =  I amमैं ____था=  I was तुम __हो = You are तुम ___थे =You were आप __हैं = You are आप___थे =You were
यह/वह ___है =He/She is यह/वह___ था/थी/थे =He/She  was
In this Hindi Lesson
You’ll learn “Be verbs” for pronouns in Plural case
हम भारतीय  है |(ham bhaartiyaa hain) We are Indians.
हम भारतीय  थे |(ham bhaartiyaa the) We were Indians.
हम____ है (ham____ hain) = We are
आप भारतीय हैं |(aap bhaartiyaa hain) You are Indians.
आप भारतीय  थे |(aap bhaartiyaa the) You were Indians.
आप____ हैं(aap____ hain) = You are
वे भारतीय हैं |(ve bhaartiyaa hain) They are Indians.
वे भारतीय  थे |(ve bhaartiyaa the) They were Indians.
वे____ हैं (ve____ hain) = They are

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