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Communication: Synonyms for words related to speech


conjecture fancy guess hint at
hypothesize imagine imply indicate infer
ponder posit postulate predict premise
presume presuppose reckon suppose speculate
surmise suspect test theorize think


analyze annotate chat chatter
check chime in chin chitchat comment on
communicate conclude confabulate confer consult
converse continue debate deliberate discourse
evaluate inquire of meet negotiate palaver
parley pass judgment on powwow ramble on reason
review schmooze speak talk talk over
thrash out
thrash out
turn to wrangle


accede accept accord acknowledge
add admit affirm agree allow
avow assure concede concur confess
confirm consent grant permit praise
promise recommend sanction welcome yield


ban contradict contravene decline
dispute enjoin forbid gainsay impugn
interdict negate negative prohibit proscribe
rebuff refuse refute reject repudiate
spurn traverse


accuse balk at be at odds with bicker
caterwaul chide complain conflict correct
counter dare debate deviate differ
disagree disapprove dispute dissent fight
fling back frown on gossip hassle hurl back
interject nag object oppose protest
quarrel quibble retaliate revolt at shudder at
squabble tease urge vilify wrangle


bamboozle beguile betray counterfeit
deceive delude disguise distort dupe
fabricate falsify feign fib forge
forswear make believe mislead misrepresent perjure
pretend prevaricate rig sham simulate

Synonyms for idea

idea aim ambition apperception arrangement
aspiration belief blueprint clue composition
concept contrivance course of action design device
diagram expedient figure format glimmer
goal grand design hunch intent image
inkling insight intention interpretation intimation
intuition maneuver master plan mental picture method
motif notion objective opinion pattern
perception picture plan plot premonition
procedure proposal project purpose resolution
road-map scheme strategy suspicion system
tactics target thought understanding view

agreement accord affinity alikeness analogy
concord congruity correspondence harmony homogeneity
likeness parallelism resemblance similarity uniformity
difference at odds conflict contention contradiction
contrast deviation difference disagreement discord
discrepancy disparity dissension dissidence dissimilarity
distinction divergence division feud friction
gap hornet’s nest incompatibility inconsistency strife
unlikeness variance variation
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Synonyms for Ask


beg beseech
entreat examine explore
grill inquire insist interrogate investigate
petition plead pled pray propose to
probe pry query question quiz
request spy suggest to

Synonyms for Answer


quip react rebut rejoin
reply respond retort riposte sass
talk back write back

Synonyms for Say


allege articulate assert avow
chorus contend enounce enunciate maintain
mouth profess pronounce speak sound
utter verbalize vocalize voice

The following words all describe manners of speaking or tones of voice (often reflecting the emotional state of the speaker) and should be used when necessary and appropriate.

said babble bark bawl beam
bellow bleat blurt boast brag
cajole cheer choke chuckle cough
crow cry drawl fret fulminate
gasp giggle groan growl grumble
grunt hiss holler howl jeer
laugh lisp marvel mimic moan
mumble murmur mutter muse nod
pant pipe quaver rant roar
scold scream screech shout shriek
sigh sing smile smirk snap
snarl sneer sneeze snicker sniff
snort sob sputter squawk squeak
stammer storm thunder trumpet vociferate
wail weep whimper whine whisper
worry yell

Very Good IELTS Classes

It is not recommended to just use said. Try to balance your dialogue words between said and its synonyms. Said is a mighty verb (to be exact: Past tense and past participle of say)! There are times when it makes sense to use it. Other times, it’s a proper idea to select a synonym instead of said. A distinguished writer employs alternatives, often harmonizing the use of similar words. Have a look at some of your favorite novels, short stories, newspaper and magazine articles to help you to dwell further into this subject.

Synonyms for Call


baptize brand christen denominate
denote designate dub entitle label
name nickname peg stamp tag
term title trademark

Synonyms for Announce


address advert advertise advocate
allude animadvert beat the drum for bespeak betoken
blazon boost bring up broadcast celebrate
champion claim comment confide declare
exclaim express extol hype indicate
mention name note observe play up
point to praise proclaim promote promulgate
propagandize publicize puff push publish
refer remark report restate reveal
sell state talk up touch upon tout
trumpet vow

Synonyms for Denounce


accuse arraign asperse blame
brand calumniate censure challenge charge with
condemn correct criticize defame denunciate
deplore fault implicate incriminate inculpate
indict libel malign pillory shame
slander tax traduce vilify

Synonyms for Tell


adduce behest characterize cite
chronicle coax command communicate convince
dictate delineate divulge enumerate impart
mandate narrate quote recapitulate recite
relate report review spin stipulate

Synonyms for Repeat


echo iterate rehash reiterate
restate retell

Synonyms for Describe

describe characterize couch express formulate
lay out narrate phrase recite record
recount relate report represent term

Synonyms for Explain

explain account for brief clarify construe
define demonstrate elaborate elucidate explicate
expound get across illuminate illustrate interpret
justify make clear portray spell out

Synonyms for Show

show disclose display divulge emerge
exhibit expose flaunt indicate manifest
materialize note parade point to / out present
prove reveal stage unfold unveil

Synonyms for Inform

inform acquaint advise apprise assure
caution clue in counsel edify familiarize
forewarn fill in guide impose instruct
lecture notify post ordain reassure
tip off warn wise up

Synonyms for Talkative


articulate babbling boisterous chatty
deafening earsplitting eloquent gabby garrulous
glib gossipy high-pitched intense long-winded
loquacious loud noisy obstreperous pandemoniac
pealing prolix pronounced rambunctious raucous
resonant resounding roaring roisterous sonorous
stentorian strident talky thundering uproarious
vehement verbal
vocal vocalized
voluble wordy

Synonyms for Quiet


buttoned up clammed up close-mouthed dumb
hushed inarticulate
incommunicative ineffable
inexpressible inexpressive low-pitched muffled mum
mute noiseless quiescent reserved restrained
reticent secretive shushed silent silentious
soundless speechless still taciturn tight-lipped
tongue-tied tranquil uncommunicative unspeakable whist

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