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Synonyms for Smart

smart alert analytic astute brainy
bright brilliant canny cerebral clear-eyed
clear-sighted clever creative cunning deductive
deft discerning egg-headed enlightened exceptional
fast genius hard-boiled hard-headed heady
hyper-intelligent imaginative ingenious inspired intellectual
intelligent inventive judicious keen keen-witted
knowing logical nimble percipient perspicacious
pointed prehensile profound quick quick-witted
resourceful sagacious sage sapient savvy
sharp sharp-witted shrewd sophisticated super-smart
syllogistic ultra-smart versed wise

Synonyms for Dumb

dumb brainless careless cloudy colorless
doltish dopey drab dull dull-witted
humdrum idiotic ill-advised ill-conceived ill-considered
ill-founded ill-judged illogical imbecilic im-plausible
inane lackluster mindless moronic muddled
non-sensical obtuse pointless senseless short-sighted
silly simple simpleminded slow stodgy
stupid trivial un-inspired un-intelligent un-reasonable
un-thinking witless

Synonyms for Important

important central considerable constitutional critical
elementary eminent especial essential foundational
fundamental indispensable inherent intrinsic main
necessary needful particular primary principal
required requisite significant special specific
substantial underlying valuable vital

Synonyms for Irrelevant

irrelevant beside the point casual idle im-material
in-consequential in-considerable in-different in-significant in-substantial
in-valid light little low-ranking meaningless
minor negligible non-essential nugatory of no account
of no consequence paltry petty picayune second-rate
superficial trifling trivial un-important un-necessary
useless worthless

Synonyms for Nothing

nil null nothing zero zilch zip

Synonyms for Interesting

interesting absorbing alluring animating appealing
arresting attractive beckoning bewitching bright
captivating challenging consuming covetable curious
enchanting engaging entertaining enthralling enticing
exciting fascinating fetching inspiring intriguing
inviting involving lively mesmeric moving
piquant prepossessing provocative spellbinding spirited
tantalizing tempting

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Synonyms for Boring

boring arid banal bromidic characterless
colorless commonplace drab drag drudging
flat hackneyed ho hum humdrum insipid
interminable irksome lame lifeless monotonous
moth-eaten mundane nothing platitudinous prosaic
repetitious routine shop-worn spiritless stale
stereotyped stodgy tame tedious threadbare
tiresome tiring trite un-exciting un-interesting
un-varied vapid wearisome well-worn

Synonyms for Bad

bad amiss atrocious coarse contaminated
contemptible corrupt crappy cruddy crummy
defective deficient deplorable depraved disagreeable
dismal dissatisfactory evil execrable faulty
foul ghastly grungy harmful heinous
icky improper infamous inferior
injurious junky lousy nasty nefarious
off poor quality putrid rotten scandalous sinful
sinister snide spoiled substandard tainted
the pits uncouth wicked

Synonyms for Awful

awful abominable appalling atrocious baneful
blatant crude deleterious despicable destructive
detestable detrimental disastrous disgusting disturbing
dreadful egregious excessive flagrant frightening
glaring gross grotesque gruesome hideous
horrible horrifying hostile injurious jolty
monstrous nauseous noxious obnoxious odious
offensive outlandish outrageous preposterous put off
repellent repulsive rude terrible ugly
unreasonable unwarranted upsetting

Synonyms for Good

good A-1 accomplished all set A-one grade
best certified champion choicest crowning
distinct excellent exceptional exemplary
exquisite extraordinary fine finest
first first-class first-grade first-rate fit
foremost great greatest high high-quality
in-comparable in-valuable magnificent marvelous matchless
meritorious notable noted note-worthy out-standing
peculiar peerless phenomenal piked premium
priceless prime pukka ready remarkable
second to none select ship-shape singular
sound star sterling striking superb
superior superlative supreme tip-top top-grade
top-notch transcendent unique un-matched un-precedented
un-usual world-class worthy

Synonyms for Complete


accomplished all-embracing all-inclusive broad
closed comprehensive concluded done ended
extensive finished fulfilled full overall
perfect wide-ranging far-ranging terminated thorough
total unabridged uncut whole widespread

Synonyms for Exact


accurate appropriate approved
definite faithful just literal meticulous
particular precise proper right rigorous
specific spot-on standard strict thorough
true truthful

Synonyms for Suitable


acceptable adequate appropriate authentic
becoming bona fide coherent compatible consistent
consistent constant decent decorous desirable
founded genuine in agreement
reliable satisfactory seemly steady uniform

Synonyms for Certain


assured clear confident of course
definite determined distinct inescapable inevitable
by all means obvious positive proved right on
safebet sure unavoidable undoubted without fail

Synonyms for Really


by all means beyond doubt categorically
certainly de facto definitely easily factually
for real genuinely honestly indeed indubitably
in fact legitimately literally no ifs ands or buts nothing else but
of course positively precisely surely
undoubtedly unquestionably verily very well

Synonyms for Questionable


ambivalent arguable debatable doubtful
dubious farfetched improbable inconclusive indecisive
indefinite irresolute moot noncommittal on the fence
open problematic suspicious uncertain unconvinced
undecided unproven unresolved unsure

Synonyms for New


contemporary current fashionable fresh
imaginative inexperienced
innovative inventive
late-model latest latter-day modern modern-day
naive naif newest newfangled novel
now original present present-day recent
timely topical trendy uninitiated untested
untried up-to-date up-to-the-minute young

Synonyms for Old


advanced in years aged ancient antediluvian
antiquated antique archaic banal bygone
dated elder elderly extinct faded
former mature medieval moldy musty
obsolescent obsolete old hat old-fashioned oldish
old-time outdated out-of-date passe past
prehistoric previous primitive ragged senescent
senior stale trite unfashionable used
venerable veteran vintage washed-up

Synonyms for Easy


basic breeze child’s play cinch
clear comprehensible crystal clear direct easy as pie
effortless elementary facile intelligible
light limpid little effort lucid manageable
manageable mild modest perspicuous piece of cake
plain pushover self-explanatory simple simple as ABC
smooth snap straightforward transparent unambiguous
uncomplicated understandable walkaway walkover

Synonyms for Difficult


abstract abstruse ambiguous arduous
augean backbreaking bruising brutal burdensome
challenging complex complicated convoluted cruel
daunting demanding distressing effortful elusive
exacting exhausting formidable frustrating grievous
hard harsh heavy Herculean inhuman
insoluble intensive intimidating intricate involved
knotty labored laborious merciless mistakable
moiling murderous onerous opaque oppressive
overwhelming painful pick-and-shovel problematic punishing
recondite rigid rigorous rough rugged
serious severe Sisyphean spiny stiff
strenuous stressful strict stringent stubborn
sweaty tall taxing testing thorny
ticklish tight toilsome tough tricky
troublesome trying uphill wearisome

Synonyms for True :: Right

true accurate actual apt correct
exact factual fair faithful founded
genuine good honest just lawful
legal loyal precise proper real
reliable responsible right righteous sincere
staunch steadfast steady trusty trustworthy
undoubted upright valid warranted

Synonyms for False :: Wrong

wrong afield amiss astray awry
baseless blemished contrary to… counterfeit deceptive
defective deviating from… disloyal erroneous faithless
fake fallacious false faulty feign
fraudulent groundless idle irregular misleading
mistaken perfidious questionable recreant spurious
traitorous treacherous

Synonyms for Strong

strong determined firm forceful fortified
hard intense iron like noticeable potent
powerful resolute robust solid stalwart
steady stiff stout sturdy substantial
tenacious thick tough unyielding vehement

Synonyms for Weak

weak anemic assailable brittle crumbly
debilitated decrepit delicate drained droopy
effete enervated exhausted fagged-out faint
fatigue feeble flaccid flimsy fragile
frail imperiled infirm languid languishing
languorous loose makeshift mild puny
retiring rickety shaky sluggish supine
thin tired torpid vincible wavering
weary wispy wobbly wonky worn out

Synonyms for Big


astronomical broad capacious
enormous expansive gargantuan
gigantic grand great huge immense
large mammoth mountainous sizable spacious
substantial tremendous vast

Synonyms for Small


atomic cramped diminutive dinky
exiguous itsy-bitsy limited microscopic miniature
minuscule minute petite puny slight
small tiny wee undersized

Synonyms for High


above above and beyond aerial aloft
altitudinal beyond elevated eminent lofty
onto over superior to tall top
upmost upon upward of

Synonyms for Low


abyssal base below beneath
bottom cavernous deep down ground-level
inferior to nether squatty subordinate to subsided
to the ground under underneath

Size | Mass

Nouns: MASS: a quantity of items amassed / SIZE: the amount of space occupied by an object

Synonyms for Size

size area bulk capacity diameter
dimensions expanse extent
height length magnitude mass
measure proportions spread volume weight

Synonyms for Mass

mass abundance amount array
batch bulk block bunch cluster
collection couple crop crowd deal
heap host
lion’s share lot
number parcel pile portion
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Synonyms for Far

far afar aloof apart back
behind detached dislocated distant faraway
out of reach out of sight recede remote removed
retreat separated transferred withdrawn

Synonyms for Near

near abutting adjacent adjoining alongside
beside bordering close by conterminous contiguous
local next to nearby neighbor nigh
peripheral in the proximity surrounding touching in the vicinity

Synonyms for Limit


ambit border border line bottom line
boundary boundary line bounds breaking point brim
brink ceiling circumscription confinement constraint
curbing cutoff point deadline edge end point
extent extreme extremity far out farthest point
fence finality limitation margin maximum
the max the most pale perimeter periphery
pole regulation restriction rim tops
ultimate upper limit utmost verge

Synonyms for Many and Much

a lot of abundant adequate ample bountiful
copious countless exuberant fruitful infinite
lavish lush many much multiple
most numerous opulent prodigal
profuse prolific rampant riotous umpteen

Synonyms for Almost

almost a good deal about all but approximately
around as good as diverse enough just about
more or less nearly practically quite a few roughly
several some sufficient various virtually

Synonyms for Few

few dearth of exiguous hardly any infinitesimal
insubstantial insufficient lack of least limited
little minimal minimum meager nominal
paltry paucity of poor rare scant
scarce short of skimpy slight sparse
trifling trivial wanting

Synonyms for Excess

excess cornucopia deluge drove fat
flood glut greater part lion’s share majority
more than half mountain nimiety overabundance overflow
overkill plethora plurality preponderance profusion
superfluity superfluousness surfeit surplus swarm
trillions wealth

Synonyms for Plenty

plenty army bushel crowd dozens
group heaps hill host legion
loads lots mine multitude myriad
oodles pack reams scores

Synonyms for Lack


absence dearth defect deficiency
deprivation destitution drought exiguity inadequacy
indigence insufficiency insufficient supply impecuniousness impoverishment
less than half minority meagerness need paucity
pauperism penury poverty privation rareness
scantiness scarcity shortage skimpiness sparseness

Synonyms for Bit


atom chip chunk crumb
cutting dab dash dollop dram
drop fragment grain iota jot
minim mite modicum molecule mote
ounce particle pinch scrap section
segment shard shred slice sliver
smidgen snip snippet speck sprinkling
tittle trifle whit

Synonyms for Part


abstract allocation allotment allowance
apportionment chapter component cut division
element episode excerpt extract fraction
installment lot measure parcel particle
passage percentage piece portion quantity
quantum quota quotation ration scene
section sector segment share slice

Synonyms for Whole


aggregate all alpha and omega assemblage
collectivity composite corpus ensemble entirety
entity everything grand total gross oneness
organization sum system total unity
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