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Norwegian Numbers

0 null
1 en, ett 1st første
2 to 2nd annen, andre
3 tre 3rd tredje
4 fire 4th fjerde
5 fem 5th femte
6 seks 6th sjette
7 sju 7th sjuende
8 åtte 8th åttende
9 ni 9th niende
10 ti 10th tiende
11 elleve 11th ellevte
12 tolv 12th tolvte
13 tretten 13th trettende
14 fjorten 14th fjortende
15 femten 15th femtende
16 seksten 16th sekstende
17 sytten 17th syttende
18 atten 18th attende
19 nitten 19th nittende
20 tjue 20th tjuende
21 tjueen, tjueett 21st tjueførste
22 tjueto 22nd tjueandre
30 tretti 30th trettiende
40 førti 40th førtiende
50 femti 50th femtiende
60 seksti 60th sekstiende
70 sytti 70th syttiende
80 åtti 80th åttiende
90 nitti 90th nittiende
100 hundre 100th hundrede
1,000 tusen 1,000th tusende
million million
billion milliard
trillion billion
“Sju” can also be written “syv” (slightly more formal), and “sjuende” as “syvende.” Similarly “tjue” can be “tyve”, but this does seem less common and more formal.

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